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About Cyberstep

CyberStep is a fast-growing and globally-renowned publisher of interactive entertainment, such as online games. Headquartered in Japan, CyberStep has local branches in the United States, Taiwan, Korea, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Since 2001, CyberStep has developed and managed popular online games that are enjoyed all over the world. Within the past decade, CyberStep has developed seven successful online games: CosmicBreak, GetAmped, GetAmped2, C21, Onigiri, CosmicBreak2 and Toreba. CyberStep is committed to developing quality games and products while making the utmost efforts to ensure user satisfaction.

CyberStep employees work at various locations all over the world to produce quality entertainment. Each team is able to access and localize new in-game content even before said content has been officially released in Japan. This allows CyberStep to deliver newly-developed content to users with little to no delay. The diversity of each team allows CyberStep to broaden their audience and quickly break into new markets while ensuring a continued reliable service.

Ultimately, CyberStep aims to offer their service to the entire world by making their content available on every continent. A number of new titles for various platforms, such as the iPhone and Android smartphones, are currently being prepared for beta testing. CyberStep has also taken steps towards developing their own hardware for content distribution.